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Fun at Bedford County After School

Do you attend a Bedford County School District and are in kindergarten through fifth grade this year? Or, are you a high school student who wants to get some experience working with younger kids before becoming an educator?  If so, you can sign up to be in the FREE after school program!

If you’ve been part of the program in the past, you’ll see lots of the same things, plus more - more recreation, more fun stuff with iPads and Robots, cameras and video, more fun stuff with older kids who will be helping with the programs.

Each Monday through Thursday every week of the school year at five sites in Bedford County, after school begins with an after-school snack, followed by homework and academic tutoring - many of our kids get their homework done during that time, meaning they have more fun time at home with their families

After homework/tutoring, we’ll then move into recreation or enrichment that includes lots of fun, skills-building activities and non-traditional games.

Want to learn how to put together great-tasting snacks? You’ll have fun in our 4-H cooking and nutrition activities.

Dreamed of a career building robots? Learn how to program and run our robots through mazes and obstacle courses!

Pictured yourself as the next Taylor Swift? You may have a chance to test your performance skills in a talent show.

Are you a PIcasso fan? Our working artist will help you build to your potential.

Want to show kindness to others? Learn how you can help others - and show appreciation to your peers and adults around you through our Kindness projects.

The activities will change every evening - and some evenings, there will be more than one!

The program runs until 6 p.m., ending with a bus ride home. So, contact your site coordinator today to learn more or sign up - jump right into the fun!


The verdict is in - After School helps kids!

Year after year rigorous local evaluations of the Bedford County 21st Century After School program show lots of positives.

  • The program is providing academic, attendance and emotional and social support to its students.
  • Teachers tell us that many students who needed improvement did improve socially, emotionally and academically in some critically important ways during the school year.
  • After school students, like the general district populations, maintain high attendance.
  • More than 80 percent of students who regularly attend the program maintain an 85 percent average or above in math and reading.
  • Parents were engaged in after school activities - sites typically averaged 70% of students having parents attend at least one after school activity during the year - down last year because of Covid-19 protocols.
  • Students and parents both reported high satisfaction with the program. Staff reported high satisfaction with the program.
  • Rigorously tested annual Program Quality Assessments have annually shown Bedford County programs are performing well above national averages. The assessment, through the Weikert Center for Youth Program Quality, brings to the forefront items that are proven to positively impact student engagement and ultimately academic, social and emotional performance and provides a way to measure and track individual site and program wide goals toward meeting these measures. Bedford County’s programs exceeds national norms in all areas.

E-mail the project director if you'd like more information about recent program evaluations.

News Briefs

While winter weather has been slow to come this season, there will undoubtedly be some bad weather this season. A reminder – if your school closes early there will be no after school program that day. If after school extracurricular activities are cancelled, after school programming will also be cancelled. Please stay alert for early dismissals and cancellations, and look for calls or texts letting you know the status of the program. After school typically will be held on days that school is delayed, but again, check with your district for the status each evening. If your school has a flex day, coordinators and/or tutors will be available through Zoom or Google Meet to provide tutoring or homework help after 3 p.m. – check with your site coordinator for video links and hours.

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The Tussey Mountain After School and After 3 programs spearheaded a districtwide campaign to let our country’s active service personnel and veterans how much we appreciate their service. The Veteran’s Day activity has been an after school project for more than 10 years at the district, as students seek donations and create thank you cards. This year, items collected filled Nikki Gephart, the After 3 coordinator’s car, and included personal care items such as  Chapstick and dental floss, snack items such as hard candies and chewing gum and games such as playing cards and nerf balls. Some homemade baked goods were also included and went to the regional veteran’s home in Hollidaysburg.

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