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Heritage Project 2014-2015

And the winner is...

Silly girls, trying to finish getting ready on the bus!



We learned some new words and were able to use them in some of our own sentences! 


"Perchance my mom will take me to the circus." - Bryanna Amick


"I like to eat belly timber!" - Bryan Amick


"I like to go to the buffet and stuff my belly full of belly timber." - Jovan Meek Jr.


"At length we finished our homework." - Justlea Brown


"Running in the library is beyond the pale." - Rachel Bithell


"I relish a fudge brownie with chocolate sprinkles!" - Brandon Kelly


"I have been told that I am full of rectitude." - Jaxon Beck


"My lunch today was insipid, and did not fill me up." - Pam Messersmith

Powerful Words

We learned about powerful words and expression.  We worked on our acting skills which we will use in our everyday lives to make the world much more interesting and fun!

Fort Bedford Museum

We had fun at the Fort Bedford museum. We got to see a lot of interesting things and learned a lot about the different artifacts that were used in this area.  


We are going to be making group productions throughout this school year based on the inspiration of the different artifacts we saw at the museum!