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Our Staff

Elementary After School Staff

Hello!  My name is Sabrena Musselman and I am the Site Coordinator for the Tussey Mountain Elementary After School Program. I have subbed in the Tussey Mountain School District for 3 years and currently live in Bedford, PA. 


I will be working closely with students in grades 2 through 5 who are enrolled in the After School Program.  I am here to help the children and staff get the most out of their After School experience.  If you have any questions for me, you can find my contact information in the contact us link on this web page.  


Mrs. Tammy Ramsey is our After School aide.  Some of you will remember her from last year. She is a crucial part in the success of our program.  Not only does she help with getting supplies ready for our nightly adventures, she is a tutor as well and helps students with their homework.

The After School tutors are teachers from the district who come in to continue their mission to help students be successful in school and in their every day life.  These tutors have been involved with the program in years past and are familiar with the students and the program schedule.  There will also be a very knowledgeable aide to help during the program time.  The Tussey Mountain Elementary After School program staff are dedicated to helping children improve their grades and encourage positive social interaction with peers and adults. 



This is Mrs. Morningstar.  She has been an After School coordinator for 5 years and continues to be an integral part of the After School Program. Mrs. Morningstar serves as a tutor as well as volunteers her time to be a chaperone during field trips.