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About Us

The Tussey Mountain After School Program is held at Saxton Liberty Elementary in Saxton Pennsylvania.  The Saxton program serves students from Defiance and Robertsdale Elementary Schools as well.   

The After School Program is for students in grades 2 through 5 who desire to: 


         Improve their grades in school

         Make new friends

         Learn new skills and games

         Get help with homework


The Tussey Mountain After School Program offers students the opportunity to improve their grades and raise their test scores.  We have expert tutors and aides who make children’s success in school their priority.

Where to be and what time to be there:

The Tussey Mountain After School Program meets at Saxton Liberty Elementary.  Students from Defiance and Robertsdale Elementary are bussed to Saxton Liberty Elementary for the After School Program.  The After School Program meets Monday through Thursday from 3 – 6 pm.  Students arrive at 3 and we have a snack and social time.  At 3:30 tutoring/homework help begins and lasts until 4:30.  Activity/Recreation time lasts from 4:30 until the time to leave for home.

Why choose to join The After School Program:

The After School Program gives students the chance to get extra help with schoolwork from experienced tutors and aides.  After School is a place for students to learn new and exciting skills while having lots of fun.  The After School Program has proven to help students improve their grades in school and increase testing scores.  The program also serves as a way to give the student a fun and safe environment to have new experiences with their friends.

The best part of the After School Program is that it is Free!