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About us

The After School Program is a wonderful resource for families across Bedford County. The program is designed to help students with homework and academics, provide a safe and caring place for students to go when the regular school day is over, but most of all it presents an opportunity for every type of child to feel as though they fit in and can make new friends.
For Northern Bedford County School District families, the grades 2-5 After School Program is led by the site coordinator Laura Fisher, and overseen by school and program administration. For more information on The Northern Bedford County School District, visit its website
During a typical evening, the After School Program provides several services Monday-Thursday 3 p.m.-6 p.m. throughout the school year. Each student will be doing some fun exercises before heading to tutoring and homework time. This session lasts for about an hour providing time for students to receive help and complete much of their homework for the evening. Students may work on projects, writing assignments, or any classroom activities that are assigned during the regular school day and receive tutoring from school-day teachers. 
Also involved in a typical night are academic enrichment and recreation activities. Enrichment activities include a wide variety of projects. Some of the favorites this past year were: planning and preparing open house presentations, building things out of straws, speed stacking, and balloons, and making delicious, new recipes. The students also enjoy the nights that our community based organizations come to present lessons. Some of these included; cooking nutritious snacks, conducting science experiments, and creating art projects, just to name a few.   
About 30 minutes of recreation each night get the students up and moving.  There are many games that have became favorites among the After School students such as; flag and line tag, hula-hoop games and contests, and playing kickball on the baseball diamond.  After School exercise is fun and enjoyable. The students gain group experience and learn to work as a team while spending some time with friends.
The After School Program is free for any student who wishes to apply in grades 2-5. There is also transportation home at the end of every program day Monday-Thursday. Feel free to pick up an application in the elementary office or print one right off of this site. 
Students may enroll at any time throughout the year but space is limited. A waiting list will be created when the maximum number of students is reached for the site.  You will then be contacted by the program coordinator when your child becomes eligible to attend.