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Northern Bedford

With the holidays over, we're starting a New Year - a great time to enroll in the After School program. We have a lot of fun, learning activities planned for the rest of the year.  You can download an application here.  The sooner you return a completed registration form the better your chance is for claiming one of the few open spots in our program!


Remember, space is limited so get your registration form in as soon as possible!


Not sure about what we do?! Check out our photos Come and join the fun!




We had fun making boondoggles outside! they were pretty easy once we got the hang of it!  Shayna didn't think she could do it; but she tried again!

The Home Depot Kid's Workshop

The Home Depot was nice enough to come for a visit to our site.  They provided the kids with their own apron, and a kit to build a toolbox or a heart box! Everyone had a lot of fun!  Make sure you check out some of our other pictures from the workshop as well!


Thank you Mrs. Wolcott for letting us use your room and for helping us!  Thank you Mr. Replogle for helping as well!

Well Done Kadin!

Recently, Kadin O'Neal, a fifth grader, entered his puppy in the Martinsburg Lock Mountain Coonhunters Youth Bench Show.  He received a 1st place trophy for his 10 month old Red Tick Hound, Tennessee Red, in the coon dog show.


We had fun during our drama workshop with Ms. Megaphone and Ms. Toolbox!

Don't forget about Valentine's Day!!


Magic Muck!

We got to make our magic muck again!  Is it a solid or is it a liquid?  When you put it in your hand and squeeze it, it is a solid but, as soon as you open your hand, it instantly turns into a liquid!  You be the judge!



3/4 Cup Cornstarch

1/3 Cup water

5-7 Drops of food coloring



1.    Mix water and food coloring together in a small bowl.

2.   Slowly add cornstarch to water and food coloring mixture.


3.   Let the mixture stand for 2-3 minutes.


4.   Pick up a handful of Magic Muck and squeeze it until it forms a hard ball.  Open your hand!

Check out some of our photos from the museum. We had a lot of fun!