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About Us

Hope For Hyndman Charter School



        * They will will engage in fun, adventure,  and excitement.

* They will improve their grades, I Ready Testing,  and PSSA scores.

* They will be able to earn treats and rewards.

* They will get a jumpstart on their homework and will possibly complete it.      

        * They will have access to certified and tutors and aides on a daily basis.

        * They will go on fun and educational field trips with their friends.

        * They will be given supper and a snack prepared by Chef Jeff  directly after school.




The program takes place at HOPE For Hyndman Charter School, Monday - Thursday from 3PM - 6PM.  At the end of programming the students board the bus and van to be transported home.  Parents may pick their child up (please provide a note prior) at the school, as well.



     *Pa-96 South;proceed to the town of Hyndman.

*Turn Right at the T-intersection (second flashing traffic light) onto Schellsburg St; proceed one block.

*Turn left at the first intersection onto Cemetery Road; proceed one block

*Bear to the  right slightly onto Church St, then proceed 7 blocks.

*Turn Left onto John Street which becomes School Drive. Continue past the former Hyndman Elementary School until you reach the front of the Hope for Hyndman Charter School.  You have arrived at your destination!

      Our after school program gives students time to complete their homework with excellent tutors and aides available to help.  It is a great opportunity for students to learn new and exciting skills, while engaging in various, fun-filled activities.


Our after school program  is FREE for you!   Not only are the students involved in activities they enjoy, this is a SAFE place for your child to be after school hours.