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Student of the Week

What is the student of the week?  The student of the week is a special recognition given to once student each week at the After School program.  In order to be considered for student of the week, a student need to:

  1. Have regular classroom and After School attendance.
  2. Show good manners and teamwork.
  3. Turn homework in on time to the regular classroom teacher.

Congratulations, LaShae!  LaShae earned student of the week by helping After School students sign in during their snack.  LaShae also volunteers her time to read with fellow students after she completes her homework assignments.  LaShae is always willing to help fellow students and staff.

Here's Kerra!  She is our student of the week.  Kerra has been enrolled in the After School program since the beginning of the year.  Kerra has been assisting with other students, the staff, and has been working well during our tutoring time.  

Welcome Barrilea to Student of the Week.  Barrilea is a 5th grade student who attends programming regularly, works on assignments, helps others, and has a very positive attitude.  Great job, Barrilea!