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A Day at After School

Not sure what goes on during the After School programming day?  Here's a brief overview of a "normal" programming day.


The students come in to the cafeteria, and after they sign in, they get their snack.  Today was bologna and cheese, with pears, carrots, and milk.


The students then go to one of four different rooms, depending on what grade the students are in or what assignments they need to finish.   Here's Natalie, Britni, and Lacie working on math homework.

Enrichment and Physical Activities

After tutoring is finished, the students will do a short lesson to reinforce any lessons done by the regular-day teachers or the students may do a lesson from our selection of many different lessons.  Here, the students are playing "Cothespin Samurai".  The object is to sneak up on the person with the noodles and take a clothespin from the pinney.  Lookout if you are heard, or you may get caught by the foam (and safe!) noodles.