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Bedford County After School






Fun at Bedford County After School!

Tin foil turtles, Everett
Balloon stomp, Hyndman
Having fun, Chestnut Ridge
Bingo! Bedford
Collecting sap, Northern Bedford
Ivory Snow, Everett

After School is filled with fun activities!  We’ve made Ivory Snow by putting Ivory soap in the microwave, went outside for a balloon stomp, made windmills and tin foil turtles! We played Getting To Know You bingo, and collected sap from trees. We have even had time to complete some homework and assignments! Of course, we had good old-fashioned fun with our friends in After School too!




2015-2016 Bedford County After School Coordinators

Laura Fisher, Northern Bedford
Patty Cowan, Bedford
Sabrena Mussleman, Tussey Mountain
Susie Hahn, Hyndman
Shawn Cunningham, Chestnut Ridge
Barbara Barron, Everett




 Feel free to contact any of our After School coordinators with any questions about our programs.  Be sure to visit each school district's After School website to the left to see what fun we have been having and keep up on the latest news!


Bedford: Miss Patty Cowan cowanp(at) 623-4221



Chestnut Ridge: To Be Announced 


Everett: Mrs. Barbara Barron, bbarron(at) 652-9114



Hyndman: To Be Announced


Northern Bedford: Mrs. Laura Fisher, lfisher(at) 766-2221


Tussey Mountain: smussleman(at) 635-2934

Heritage Awards celebrate history using 21st Century skills and technology

Transportation Empire - Bedford
Fort Bedford Flag - Bedford
Lost Children- Hope For Hyndman
Johnstown Flood - Everett
Conestoga Wagon - Bedford

Want to know what bathing was like in the 19th century? Or how musket balls were made in 1780? Or how James Piper’s lost sword was rediscovered after two centuries? Or the emotions of a Civil War soldier’s family when they read his last letter home? These and many other stories are showcased in student-created videos made as part of the Bedford County 21st Century Community Learning Center Consortium after school program’s “Bedford County Heritage Project.” Through a partnership with the Bedford Heritage Trust, both elementary and secondary students completed the first year of a three-year project that is designed to help students bring the county’s history to life. Students visited Fort Bedford Museum last fall and teams chose artifacts to inspire their creation of 3-5 minute videos that showcased events or life in the county’s history. “Teams worked extremely hard on their projects and many showed extraordinary creativity,” said Lyn Skillington, project director for the countywide consortium. “Most had no prior experience in working as part of a team on a longterm project, let alone understanding the creative and technical skills necessary to produce videos that could bring their vision to life. There were many excellent videos created by student teams in both our elementary programs (grades 2-5) and secondary programs (grades 6th-12th). Choosing winners was very more 

Click here to see Transportation Empire Winner, Elementary Division,  "Best Dramatic Production" Bedford Area Elementary School.

Click here to see "Fort Bedford Flag"- Bedford Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Best Musical or Dance Performance" Bedford Area Elementary School.

Click here to see "Lost Children of the Alleghenies" - Hope For Hyndman Charter School - Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Outstanding Achievement in Creative Production" Hope for Hyndman Charter School.

Click here to see "Johnstown "Flood" - Everett  Winner, Elementary Division, "Best Illustrated Story " Everett Area Elementary School

Click here to see "James Piper" - Northern Bedford Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Best Documentary or Demonstration " Northern Bedford County Elementary School.

Click here to see Conestoga Wagon - Bedford Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Outstanding Screenplay" Bedford Area Elementary School.

Click here to see Bath Time - Everett Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Outstanding Historical Interpretation" Everett Area Elementary School.

Click here to see "A Ride to the Store" - Chestnut Ridge Winner,  Elementary Division,  "Best Puppet Portrayal" Chestnut Ridge Elementary School.

Do you live in Bedford County PA and are in second  third, fourth or fifth grade this year? If so, you can sign up to be in the new and improved and FREE after school program!


Click on the blue tab above, AFTER SCHOOL SITES or Read below to learn all about our After School Programs 

From there you can visit these sites:

Bedford, Everett, Chestnut Ridge, Hope for Hyndman, Northern Bedford & Tussey Mountain.  

Here's a few things you will find on the sites

  • Recommended Apps
  • Students of the week
  • Schedules for each program & important dates
  • Photos and videos taken by our students of activities
  • So much more!


Read here for information about our exciting Bedford County After School Program!


If you’ve been part of the program in the past, you’ll see lots of the same things, plus more - more recreation, more fun stuff with computers, cameras and video, more fun stuff with older kids who will be helping with the programs.


Each Monday through Thursday at six sites throughout Bedford County after school begins at 3 p.m. with an after school snack, followed by homework and academic help - many of our kids get their homework done during that time, meaning they have more fun time at home with their families


After homework and snack, we’ll then move into recreation time that will include lots of fun, non-traditional games and skills-building activities. Think you know what PE looks like? 


Each night will also include a wide variety of project-based activities.


Want to learn Who Dunnit? Become a crime-solving wizard in our forensics unit.


Want to learn how to put together great-tasting snacks? You’ll have fun in our 4-H cooking and nutrition activities.


Have you dreamed of being the next Taylor Swift? You’ll have a chance to test your performance skills in our talent shows and one-act plays.


Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to plan a garden and grow plants? If so, you’ll learn about plants and gardens.


Want to build your own robot? Learn how to put together a hex bug!


The activities will change every evening - and some evenings, there will be more than one!


The program runs until 6 p.m., ending with a bus ride home. So, contact your site coordinator today to learn more or sign up - jump right into the fun!