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Bedford County After School



Fun at Bedford County After School

Do you live in Bedford County PA and are in second  third, fourth or fifth grade this year? If so, you can sign up to be in the new and improved and FREE after school program!


Click on the blue tab above, AFTER SCHOOL SITES or Read below to learn all about our After School Programs 

From there you can visit these sites: 



Bedford, Everett, Chestnut Ridge, Hope for Hyndman, Northern Bedford & Tussey Mountain.  


If you’ve been part of the program in the past, you’ll see lots of the same things, plus more - more recreation, more fun stuff with computers, cameras and video, more fun stuff with older kids who will be helping with the programs.


Each Monday through Thursday, 3 p.m, to 6 p.m. every week of the school year at six sites in Bedford County after school begins with an after school snack, followed by homework and academic tutoring - many of our kids get their homework done during that time, meaning they have more fun time at home with their families


After homework and snack, we’ll then move into recreation time that will include lots of fun, non-traditional games and skills-building activities. Think you know what PE looks like? 


Each night will also include a wide variety of project-based activities.


Want to learn Who Dunnit? Become a crime-solving wizard in our forensics unit.


Want to learn how to put together great-tasting snacks? You’ll have fun in our 4-H cooking and nutrition activities.


Have you dreamed of being the next Taylor Swift? You’ll have a chance to test your performance skills in our talent shows and one-act plays.


Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to plan a garden and grow plants? If so, you’ll learn about plants and gardens.


Want to build your own robot? Learn how to put together a hex bug!


The activities will change every evening - and some evenings, there will be more than one!


The program runs until 6 p.m., ending with a bus ride home. So, contact your site coordinator today to learn more or sign up - jump right into the fun!



The verdict is in - After School helps kids!

A rigorous local evaluation of the Bedford County 21st Century After School program showed lots of positives.


  • The program is providing academic, attendance and emotional and social support to its students.
  • Teachers told us that many students who needed improvement did improve socially, emotionally and academically in some critically important ways during the school year.
  • After school students, like the general district populations, maintained high attendance; a majority of those who did not have 95 percent attendance the previous year improved or did not decline in 2015-16.
  • More than 80 percent of students who regularly attended the program maintained an 85 percent average or above in math and reading.
  • Parents were engaged in after school activities - sites averaged 70% of students having parents attend at least one after school activity during the year, however this is a drop from earlier years when the program could provide a meal with activities.
  • Students and parents both reported high satisfaction with the program. Staff reported high satisfaction with the program.
  • A new Program Quality Assessment system brought to the forefront items that are proven to positively impact student engagement and ultimately academic, social and emotional performance. The system provides a way to measure and track individual site and program wide goals toward meeting these measures.

And while the program fell short in some State Performance targets, in many of those areas comparisons to a control group indicate that regular attendees showed significant positive academic gains compared to the control. E-mail the project director if you'd like more information about the evaluation.




Heritage Awards celebrate history using 21st Century skills and technology

Transportation Empire - Bedford
Fort Bedford Flag - Bedford
Lost Children- Hope For Hyndman
Johnstown Flood - Everett

Want to know what bathing was like in the 19th century? Or how musket balls were made in 1780? Or how James Piper’s lost sword was rediscovered after two centuries? Or the emotions of a Civil War soldier’s family when they read his last letter home? These and many other stories are showcased in student-created videos made as part of the Bedford County 21st Century Community Learning Center Consortium after school program’s “Bedford County Heritage Project.” Through a partnership with the Bedford Heritage Trust, both elementary and secondary students create short videos that are designed to help students bring the county’s history to life. Students visit Fort Bedford Museum each year and teams chose artifacts to inspire their creation of 3-5 minute videos that showcased events or life in the county’s history. “Teams work extremely hard on their projects and many show  extraordinary creativity,” said Lyn Skillington, project director for the countywide consortium. “Most have had no prior experience in working as part of a team on a longterm project, let alone understanding the creative and technical skills necessary to produce videos that could bring their vision to life. There were many excellent videos created each year by student teams in both our elementary programs (grades 2-5) and secondary programs (grades 6th-12th). At the end of each year, winners in many categories are chosen to be honored at a "Red Carpet" awards ceremony, with winning videos shown to all county After 3 and After School students. Winning videos are posted on the project's You Tube channel.